Level A2

Presenting the most interactive German online sessions and virtual class room for A2 level. A2  German level covers all the grammar topics of A2 along with that some important A1 grammar topic are also get revised to make students get ready for A2 exam at Goethe Institute.



After successful completion of German language level A1 from GERMANACHARYA one can comprehend and use sentences and typical statements in regular circumstances, make yourself clear in straightforward, routine circumstances requesting a trade of data on recognizable and regular points, depict your experience and training, prompt environmental factors and different issues related with your quick needs in a straightforward manner.

Along with the interactive live online sessions, below mentioned things will be provided by GERMANACHARYA-

  • Goethe Exam Training for  (Zertifikat A2)
  • All the worksheets
  • Course and workbooks
  • weekly online  Tests
  • Individual attention
  • Doubt clearance
  • Tracking performance of individual Student
  • Vocabulary  drills

About Us

Germanacharya provides live interactive online sessions in which each and every student engage himself/herself.