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We provide a better learning experience.​

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GERMANACHARYA is an online German learning platform or we should say we provide the most interactive sessions for German enthusiasts. We prefer the easiest way of teaching that anybody who is willing to learn German can understand the concepts easily. With the requirements of our young grown-ups as a top priority, we made a balanced course that enables you to effectively utilize your inactively learned words. Sounds like: excessively simple? We prefer small-sized groups to maintain the quality quotient and to provide the individual attention to every student. Resultant, every student in our online class engages himself/herself purely and participate actively

With our interactive online sessions, GERMANACHARYA provides the full package for you to perform best. After the guided practice during your real-time live class, you review, strengthen, empower, and focus on the learned content. We focus on overall growth in all the four modules SPEAKING, WRITING, LISTENING AND READING, On the one hand, Germanacharya provides different types of exercises which make it easier for you to learn new vocabulary and grammar and on the other hand is the combination of different materials: Presentations for your live classes and printable vocabulary and grammar books for a better understanding.

About Germanacharya

Welcome to the Online Learning Center

I am Ishant Rathore, founder and German language trainer at Germanacharya. Masters in German Studies, DAAD scholarship holder and C1 level certified from Goethe Institute, New Delhi, India Currently, I and my fellow trainers are teaching number of students all across the globe on my online platform. It’s been a great experience for us to teach students from north to south India as well as students from the United Kingdom to North Africa.

Moreover, I have hosted the show in German language and for that got featured on the official page of Goethe institute India. I have seen a number of people struggling with basic concepts of German Language and always thought about how I could make the learning German like never before. So I started GERMANACHARYA wherein very less time many people have been connected with me and got the concept clarity. With my own experience, I can say that the German language is not that tough when it’s taught in the easiest and practical way and if you are determined to learn it.

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