German Phrases Frequently Used with Ishant

When we think of acquiring the knowledge of something new we always try to start with the topics of our interest and when it comes to learning a language we try to learn some enchanting and frequently used words and phrases before learning the alphabets. When I’ve started learning this exquisite language (the German language) I did the same thing, before learning the alphabets and grammar topics I learned some commonly used German phrases/words like

GUTEN MORGEN“(Good Morning),

“GUTEN TAG” (Good day),

“GUTEN ABEND” (Good evening),

GUTE NACHT” (Good night),

“DANKE” (Thanks),
“BIS BALD” (See you soon),

Tschüß (bye),

“ENTSCHULDIGEN SIE BITTE!” (Excuse me please),

“ES TUT MIR LEID” ( I’m sorry),

“ICH WEIß NICHT” ( I don’t know)

“KEINE AHNUNG!” ( No idea)
“KEIN PROBLEM” ( No problem)

“EINEN MOMENT, BITTE!”( Just a moment),

“NATÜRLICH”(Naturally), and so on… Knowing such phrases make you different from others who are learning the same language because it shows your deep interest in the language.

When we learn frequently/daily used phrases/words in any language, we become confident and it enriches our interest in the language.

Let me tell you my story behind learning these words, I was thinking of learning a new language and I have chosen the German language and I’ve learned some words and phrases myself(kind of self-study) and I found them amazing, easy, and fascinating and those words impressed me a lot and that made me realize how easy is this language.

Maybe now you can understand what is the importance of the
commonly used phrases and when it comes to the German language how simple these phrases are, one can easily learn and use them.

It’s not that tough to learn and use them in your daily life, you can easily use them with your German friends, German teacher, and practice on your own these phrases play an important role in your German social life.

Suppose you are visiting Germany and you are only aware of some of these phrases, you can use these words there, and you’ll sound more like a native speaker.


Learning German phrases can be difficult for some people but here Germanacharya provides some precise ways from which you can learn them without any problem.

Let me tell you that Germanacharya makes you familiar with the German culture and from that, you can easily learn these phrases and many
more fascinating and interesting things about the German language and the country.

Germanacharya is such an amazing platform and completely different from others and I at Germanacharya can make each
and every topic the easiest for you and you can watch some German movies, German web series, and can listen to German songs.

These things would be very much helpful for you to learn these phrases.
Now it’s time to make a smart move and visit and register yourself in your desired course and become an expert in the German language.


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