Sein and Haben Verbs With Germanacharya

SEIN and HABEN Have you heard these terms earlier? If yes then you must know how essential and plain sailing these verbs are but I have seen several people struggling with such basic concepts of the German language but GERMANACHARYA is here to make these concepts crystal clear to you.

So, first of all, let’s discuss what basically SEIN and HABEN verbs are ‘SEIN’ is similar to ‘to be’ in English ‘Haben’ is similar to ‘to have’ in English.

Now you can naturally understand how important and useful
are they in the German language?

You can’t even tell your name without using the ‘Sein’ verb there is
only one way to say your name without it is ‘Ich heiße (INSERT YOUR NAME)’ but if you want to introduce yourself to somebody or want to tell your name in any other way then you will be needing the ‘SEIN’ verb.

Now let’s have a glimpse of the conjugation of ‘SEIN’


Ich bin

Du bist

Er/es/sie ist

Wir sind

Ihr seid

Sie sind

Sie(YOU FORMAL) sind

Now I’m gonna give you some very important examples that will help you to understand the verb ‘SEIN’

Ich bin [insert your age] jahre alt.

Mein Hobbys sind [insert your hobbys].
Er ist meine jungere schwester.

Sie sind süße Kinder.

Herr Rathore, Sie sind sehr nett.

Es ist mein leiblingsbuch……

These are some sentences which we use normally or while introducing you can see that without ‘SEIN’ these kinds of sentences are not at all possible.

Look how easily I’ve explained this problematic topic to you. Now you can easily form sentences using ‘SEIN’ verb. All you need is to read and understand carefully.

Now the verb ‘HABEN’ is again a very important verb without using this verb you can’t express yourself. Now let’s have a glimpse of the conjugation of the verb ‘HABEN’


Ich habe

Du hast

Er/es/sie hat

Wir haben

Ihr habt

Sie haben

Sie(YOU FORMAL) haben

Now I’m gonna give you some very important examples of ‘HABEN’ as well that will help you to understand the verb.

Ich habe eine schwester.

Du hast mein buch.

Er/sie hat ein schönes Auto.

Sie haben meine deutschen Bücher.

Herr Rathore, Sie haben meinen Laptop.

Wir haben zwei Kinder.

I think it’s no more difficult or confusing thing for you as I’ve explained these Sein and Haben verbs most readily.

Now you have to learn the conjugations of both the Sein and Haben verbs and you have to do some practice then you will see a positive change in your concepts and after reading this you’ll be able to solve the worksheets and will be able to use them in normally used sentences.

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