Thought-Provoking Facts About Germany

There are some thought-provoking facts about Germany which make it a unique land.

As you’ve already heard many different things about this country and some of you have even visited here and experienced an enthralling culture of Germany.

And now you’ll experience the fascinating German culture with

Let’s have a look at five compelling facts about german learner
must know about them.

OKTOBERFEST- Oktoberfest is the best thing about Deutschland(Germany). Millions of people visit here from all over the world every year.

And beer is the most important thing in this event and there is a long process for beer tent reservations.

And the jocular thing about Oktoberfest is that it doesn’t take place in October it starts in September and ends at the beginning of October.

It is known as Oktoberfest because it was first celebrated in October in honour of Ludwig’s princess’ marriage and everyone was very happy and celebrated it almost for a week.

So the couple decided that this will be celebrated every year but in September not in October because of the weather.

You must visit here once but before visiting don’t forget to reserve your beer tent otherwise, there will be no fun.

FREE EDUCATION IN GERMANY- Yes, you read right ‘FREE EDUCATION’. Only Germany provides this for both German and non-german students because the German government believes that education should not be treated as a trading product.

You can study for free in Germany as the German the government announced in 2014 that no tuition fees will be charged in public universities for UG and PG.

You’ll have to pay only administration fees. And if you are willing to study for free in Germany then you’ll have to learn the German language but no worries because Germanacharya is the solution.

Visit for learning German and go for free education in Germany.

DRINKING ALCOHOL PUBLICALLY IS LEGAL- Quite shocking!! Yes, you can consume alcohol publically in Germany.

There are no such strict laws for the same but smoking publically is illegal and the laws for this are too strict.

Not only this one more shocking thing is there boozing is allowed from the age of 16 only!!! Things are really strange in Germany and these are the pièce de rèsistance of Germany.
Bit strange but amusing!

SLEEPY SUNDAYS- Everything remains shut on Sundays in Germany. Germans are well known for their work attitude, there is a crystal clear line between their personal and professional life.

They are very professional and work very hard on weekdays but Sunday is everyone’s rest day, they don’t touch their work, they do parties, go to clubs, spend time with their families and lots of fun.

WISHING BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE IS RAW DEAL- You can’t give birthday blessings to anyone in advance…Wondering Why?? Because they think that it’s bad luck.

Wishing someone in advance means that the person won’t have other birthdays or he/she will precisely die. ‘Bizarre

I know what you have read is quite riveting!!

Every country is different and unique in its way but Germany is out of the way different. Guys, you are just a step away, you have to learn German only and then you can experience all these things yourself
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