Learn ‘THE’ GERMAN ARTICLES with Germanacharya

Articles? Yes, you’ve read right ‘ ARTICLES.’ I know learning English articles is very simple  but it’s not same with the German Articles


These words are looking very easy but what are these words?

Why did I say that they are tough?

How to use these words?

Why do we use these words?

Oh, God! So many questions.. but no worries I’ll justify everything.

Der, Die, Das these are ‘THE’ of the English language, now you’ll think WOW! just ‘THE’  but no as I earlier said the usage of these German articles is perplexing and now you are looking like a cat on a hot tin roof!

Calm down, peeps no worries because  I at Germancharya can convert the most horrible concept of German articles into the easiest one. As usual, I have some amazing tricks for this concept also.

Now let’s understand a bit about this scary thing which can be the easiest concept in Germanacharya only.

In the German language, every noun has its gender and the articles are used based on the noun’s gender like we use ‘Der’ with masculine, ‘Die’ with feminine and also with plural words, and ‘Das’ with neutral examples

Der Tisch (The Table) its gender in German is masculine

 Die Tasche(The Bag) its gender in German is feminine

 Das Buch (The Book)its gender in German is Neutral.

 {The first alphabet of Noun will always be capital}

 These articles are completely different from the English’s.

Now you are thinking that first of all, you have to learn the gender of the thousands of nouns and then you’ll be able to remember their articles…

Right? But I believe in working smartly and logically and that’s why I have something very thrilling for making the concept of this German article as easy as falling off a log and as you ghostwriting know that only Germanacharya has its best tactics and by using them you could simply be a pro in using German articles. I must show you the trailer…


For Der: If a word ends with (ant),(eur),(ling) then you will use Der e.g. Der Musikant, Der Kommandant ,Der Friseur , Der Konstrukteur ghostwriter wien, Der Liebling, Der Häftling……

For Die: If a word ends with (ung),(heit) then you will use Die e.g Die Maschine, Die Phantasie masterarbeit ghostwriter, Die Leitung, Die Vorstellung ,Die Gesundheit, Die Wahrheit….

 For Das: If a word ends with (chen),(em),(um) then we will use Das e.g. Das Mädchen decke merinowolle, Das Schläfchen, Das System, Das Emblem, Das Visum, Das Herbarium and so on..


 Peeps this is just a trailer want to witness the entire trick? So what are you thinking of ghostwriter preise? Stop reading it now and pull out your fear of German articles and such other concepts by completing your registration at www.germanacharya.com  without having a second thought in your minds.


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